Cantilevered Glass Dinette – Los Angeles, California

Cantilevered Dinette

Designed on a hillside in southern California, this house features a cantilevered glass dinette. Even the floor is glass. With the ground falling away beneath your feet to the distant lights of the city below, it’s the next best thing to flying (except the food is better)!

Cantilevered Dinette

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Out with the Old… A Modern, New House (and Garage!) in Los Angeles

We are preparing to demolish a somewhat uninspired house in Los Angeles and replace it with a modern home veritably oozing with character. Yes, modern homes can have character! Here are a few renderings, starting with one showing the old superimposed over the new.

Model of the existing home superimposed over the new home
Model of new home

This old house has a 3-car, attached garage. Or, more accurately, the old 3-car garage has a house attached to it. We normally prefer to downplay garages in our home designs, yet this site required it be at the front of the home. To make it even more challenging, the client needed an additional stall. So, we hired David Copperfield (not really) and magically made a large garage appear smaller.

The solution was simple, really: double load the garage and access it from two sides. Easy, huh? It didn’t hurt that we also provided windows and other details to enhance what is often left as an awkwardly scaled element of a home.

Voila! A garage befitting of Tony Stark, Iron Man.

Another One Bites the Dust

Oddly enough, I can actually picture this kitchen screaming, “I’m too young to die!” No, the thought doesn’t keep me up at night, but Robyn tells me I’ve been sort of weepy-eyed lately.

We architects tend to think long term. We design for centuries, or at a minimum, decades. Not a couple of years. This penthouse I designed barely made it that. It was purchased from my former clients last year, along with the unit below it, and is now undergoing a two-story merger of sorts. Wonder where it will end up?

Read more about the original design here.

The former kitchen
The kitchen in its current state

Playing with a 3d Printer

Back in 2014 I dabbled in a new medium, 3d printing. I suppose I should have printed something architectural… instead I created two snowmen ornament prototypes (probably need to mix it up a bit or I’ll forever be known as “that Snowman Guy,” rather than “that Chippendale Dancer Guy”). For the first ornament I asked myself, what would a snowman look like if it was turned inside-out. Why, you ask? Give me a minute. I’ll come up with something.

Snowman 2015
Snowman prototype 1 – 3d model

The other ornament is four snowmen in one. It is a reflection of the myriad, disparate people (or states of mind) within each of us. If you are wondering, I spent most of that year as the one screaming to get out! Still trying, by the way.

Snowman 2014
Snowman prototype 2 – 3d model

The ornament’s head-block is attached to the flat, internal belly piece and rotates to conceal it. You can see it on the first and last photo. This is intended to display a locket-sized photo when rotated.