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Arteriors Architecture: a modern house architect & residential design studio
We Create Art to Live In

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Our residential architects and house designers create acclaimed modern house design, home interiors, kitchen designs, lighting and residential landscape architecture across the United States.

From our home architecture studios in San Francisco, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota, modern house design architect, Tim Bjella, leads our creative staff of residential architects and interior designers, crafting signature custom home design. We specialize in creating unique, house architect designed custom homes, architectural remodelings, renovations and modern residential interiors for people with an eye for contemporary house architecture and a desire to stand apart from the crowd.

As house architects and residential designers, we believe a thoughtful, contemporary custom home design is more than the sum of its parts: it transcends the wood, brick and stone of its construction to stir our emotions and enrich our lives. Just as a great work of art moves you, so should your custom home design. The shaft of sunlight that filters through the trellis to warm you on the window seat should not be a lucky accident; nor should the cozy space that cuddles you while watching a movie; or the kitchen that seems to anticipate your every need; or the sunrise that peeks into your shower, welcoming the new day. These amenities, and more, should all be carefully planned into your home plans by your house architect and residential designer. More than just modern house architects: we create art to live in. More... 

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What type of custom homes do our residential architects and house designers create?

Our residential architects and house designers fashion uniquely modern, custom home plans for large or small houses, new houses or remodeling anywhere you wish to live: mountain lodges, southern desert villas, urban architect lofts or country cottages. Our house architects create beach houses, midwest prairie homes, lake cabins, log homes, suburban mansion estates and everything in between. Stylistically, our architect designed custom homes range from High-tech ultra modern houses to old-world European. Some are rustic mountain timber frame or contemporary craftsman with a hint of shinto shrine. Some are modern architect eco green or traditional, classically inspired mediterranean. While many of our custom home designs are eclectic and defy categorization. The architectural character, or 'style', of each custom home is unique because each house is a distinct, architect response to climate, views, topography, site context, functional program and the aesthetic sensibilities of our clients infused with our own architectural vision.

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Why is our modern house design art to live in?

Our modern house design architecture is conceived in three dimensions and is not merely an extrusion of two-dimensional floor plans with a roof placed on top. Equal care is given to the three dimensional spatial form, sensory detail and functional floor plans. We sculpt spaces, accentuate them with light, and adorn their surfaces with sensuous materials. In this way, we create romantic, dramatic, and emotive modern houses. Enduring, classical architectural principles create a framework for our modern house design, yet we do not limit ourselves to any one historical architectural ‘style’. Our modern houses are grounded in history but are always fresh, contemporary architect interpretations designed for today. We like to think of it as modern house design with character. More...

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Why do you need a unique modern house architect?

Quite simply, because you are unique. We thrive on creating signature, architect designed, modern houses for singular people. Each of our custom homes is an exclusive work of art with captivating modern interior spaces, exceptional kitchen designs, and functional contemporary floor plans. We achieve this by designing every aspect of the house architecture from inside to outside: harmoniously merging the exteriors, interiors, lighting and landscapes. This holistic approach to custom home architect and designer services culminates in extraordinarily unified houses that are published in prominent architecture magazines - Architectural Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, House Trends International, Residential Architect and Great American Kitchens, to name a few. More...

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